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Prices of each book are $17.00 which includes tax, shipping and handling fees. To purchase click on the donate button which will lead you to pay-pal. Submit your full name and mailing address for delivery. Please allow 2 weeks for shipment. If you aren't able to use pay-pal you can mail a money order (No Checks Please) to - (Vanzant Luster) P.O.Box 1974 - Villa-Rica, Ga. 30180 Thank you for your order.

These Study materials are great for training leadership and fine tuning. Developing and uncovering hidden gifts, talents and building sound integrity and character. They are a must buy!

"You will be empowered by them".

Truly a must BUY! For the trouble, stressful marriages or for those who desire to be in a male and female relationship. If you've been divorced or never married, or have been caught up in a soul-tied troubling relationship and wanting to learn how to get out and be healed: then these exciting, intimate, soul-stirring books are the perfect selections for YOU!

A Must Buy! 

This book is good for counseling the married and engaged. 



 A Must buy! 

This is a good book to spice up one's Marriage! 



A Must Buy! 

This book is needed for every man who doesn't know who God called them to be!



Breaking Every Chain of Intoxicating Offenses is a must Read! And a must buy! 

Love endures all things!
is a delightful devotion. 

Truly a must BUY! For every prayer warrior and intercessor. Depending upon, which book you purchase, you will be enlightened. Whether it's the levels of demonic spiritual realms, characters and its functions or declares and decrees or how to pray according to the kingdom. You will be enriched!

Two Powerful CDs! You will want to order these for your personal collection.

"Rhema Spoken Expression" is a spoken word of declares and decrees with scripture affirmations, to build up your faith in the Lord. And is backgrounded with smooth gospel jazz. It has been reported that this anointed CD has lifted the spirit of depression. 

 "Breaking Every Chain" is full of powerful declares, prayers and spoken scriptures with added teaching, graced with warfare music. This is a must buy if you need chains of bondage broken in your life.

CD's are $14.00 each. This includes tax, mailing, shipping and handling. 

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